1. Does my shotgun require a break in?

Yes, most firearms will benefit from a good break-in period. When you receive your firearm: read your instruction manual for a good overview of the controls and other information, ensure your firearm is unloaded, disassemble your firearm, clean and properly lubricate it per the instructions, cycle the action a few times to ensure all parts are moving freely. Head to the range and run some high-quality ammunition through your firearm. Typically you will see performance and reliability become consistent after the first initial uses of the firearm. Clean and lubricate as needed during break-in.

Shotguns typically will require 50-100rds of ammunition, we recommend a heavy load of 1oz or heavier for break in.

2. What choke tubes are compatible with Tokarev Shotguns?

Our shotguns have internally threaded barrels that utilize Benelli/Mobil® pattern choke tubes.

3. Which parts are made from metal or plastic on the TAR and TBP shotguns?

The receiver, barrel, operating mechanism and fire control parts are machined from metal. The stock, hand-guard, and lower are made from a impact resistant polymer.

4. What choke tube is installed from the factory in my shotgun?

All Tokarev shotguns ship with the Skeet choke installed. Please refer to your owners manual for more information on identifying choke tubes.

5. What choke tube can I use for slugs or buckshot?

Skeet/Cylinder/Improved Cylinder: Rifled Slugs, Buckshot and Bird Shot.

Modified/Full: Buckshot or Bird Shot.

When using aftermarket choke tubes, check the mfg. recommendations prior to use.

6. Can I use mini-shotshells in my Tokarev Shotgun?

No, we do not recommend the use of non standard 12 Gauge ammo such as mini-shot shells in our firearms. Our firearms are made to be used with standard 2 3/4", 3" or 3.5" shells depending on model. Refer to your owners manual for more information.

7. My shotgun came with multiple pistons, which one do I use?

Our gas piston operating system on certain models can be used with the factory installed "Light" piston for most loads under 1600fps velocities. For faster than 1600fps loads, the "Heavy" piston is recommended.

8. How do I attach a muzzle device to my shotgun?

Aftermarket choke tube adapters are available to fit the Benelli/Mobil® pattern threads that give the end user external threading for attaching muzzle brakes or suppressors.

9. Which type of barrel is does my Tokarev shotgun come with?

Tokarev shotguns ship with "smoothbore" barrel with an interchangeable choke tube system.