1-Year Warranty


The commitment to the quality of our firearms is a paramount goal of Tokarev USA, as such we stand behind the firearms we import and warrant the materials and workmanship to be free from defects for 1-year from the original date of purchase. Should you encounter an issue with your firearm, we will do our best to remedy the issue promptly.


The Tokarev USA 1-Year Warranty does not cover any issues related to abuse, improper maintenance, the use of incompatible aftermarket parts or any alteration/modification of factory components. The use of and/or damage caused by improper or incompatible ammunition such as handloaded/reloaded or other non-SAAMI spec ammunition will also void your warranty. Additionally, sales outside of the United States, unauthorized repair, and modifications to the firearm to include altering a serial number, shall void the warranty.

Tokarev Lifetime Service Plan


Lifetime Service Plan


Beyond our 1-year warranty, our Lifetime Service Plan will repair any defect in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the firearm.  The Lifetime Service Plan covers material defects of major components; and does not include failure due to wear caused by normal use such as cosmetics, choke tubes, grips, stocks, magazines, recoil/magazine tube springs or sights. 




Tokarev USA Shotguns are warranted to function with factory produced, SAAMI spec ammunition and the original factory magazine.  The use of handloads will void your warranty and the Lifetime Service Plan.

Additional Items not covered under Lifetime Service Plan:


- Cosmetics to include finish wear, scratches, or chemical damage
- Choke tubes and barrel threads
- Recoil springs/magazine tube springs
- Magazines
- After market accessories
- Repairs or modifications performed by anyone other than the authorized factory service center at Tokarev USA.

Tokarev reserves the right to charge for labor, parts, and return shipping of any firearm(s) not covered under warranty or the lifetime service plan. 



Please be advised that if your firearm is returned to Tisas USA for warranty inspection, repairs and/or replacement our turnaround time to complete work is typically 3-4 weeks. Customers Service will send updated via email as needed and upon completion of work.